Ravi Jadhav

Writer / Director / Producer / Actor

Ravi Jadhav – One of the most influential filmmakers in the Marathi film industry was born in Mumbai. He studied Visual Communications and Graphic Design at Sir J J Institute of Applied Art. Before he took to the Film Industry he was a Creative Director at FCB-Ulka for 7 years where he honed his skills as a Graphic Designer and Copywriter. His projects won various awards for his clutter breaking advertising work. He left advertising in 2008 to pursue his dream of Cinema and started working on his first film which won numerous awards and stands as a classic masterpiece called Natarang.

Natarang (2010) 
This film is based on the traditional Folk Art of Maharashtra. The film was greatly appreciated at Film festivals Worldwide and did wonders at Box Office.

Balgandharva (2011)
Balgandharva is a biopic based on Narayan Shripad Rajhans – A legend on Marathi stage. It is based on Indian Classical Music and is a complete contrast to Natarang in terms of subject and treatment even though it was again a Musical.

Balak Palak (2013)
Ravi’s quest for experimental subjects and the impact that they bring upon society is spotted in his third film titled ‘BP (Balak-Palak)’ a slang term used in India to describe pornography. BP is considered to be a benchmark in the Indian film industry given the seamless execution of such a delicate subject especially in the Indian Society.

Timepass1 & 2 (2014 & 2015)
Ravi churned out the biggest blockbuster of Marathi cinema with his fourth film ‘Timepass’. The portrayal of a simple love story of Dagadu and Prajkata was loved immensely by the audience across India. It crossed the 40 Cr mark for the first time in the history of Marathi cinema.

His 5th film ‘Timepass 2’ also created history at the box office with the biggest opening in the history of Marathi cinema, which was more than 17 Cr. Timepass 2 also crossed the 35Cr mark and has proven to be the most successful sequel in Marathi cinema history till date.

Mitraa (2015)
‘Mitraa’ is the first Short film directed by Ravi Jadhav. It is a very creatively handled Black and white film based on important issues of LGBT community. ‘Mitraa’ won a National award for the Best Short Fiction Film in 2015

Banjo (2016)
Banjo is a musical film that makes you notice the beauty of an underrated Instrument called Banjo and its significance on the streets of Mumbai. It is produced by Krishika Lulla under the banner of Eros International starring Ritesh Deshmukh and Nargis Fakhri.

Nude (2018)
Ravi’s Marathi film ‘Nude’ is based on the life of nude models in Art schools. From the Name – to the subject – to the execution; this film will make you think and have  a lingering effect. It is the most talked about film of 2018. It was selected for all the major International film festivals and got the Best film award at prestigious New York Film Festival and DC South Asian Film Festival 2018.

Rampaat (2019)
Rampaat was a Film based on the Idea of the Glamorous world of Cinema that the youth has, especially in the rural areas of India and gives a message that there is no such thing as instant fame and fortune. It is an entertaining take on the bittersweet journey to dreams.

The quirky subjects that Ravi deals with reflect authenticity and one can easily spot his original and innate style of storytelling. Ravi’s films have won 5 National Awards till date and numerous international film festival awards.

Did you know?
Ravi appeared as an Actor for the first-time in a Marathi film ‘Kaccha Limbu’ Playing the Lead Actor along with Sonali Kulkarni, Sachin Khedeker and Ananth Mahadevan. The critics and audience were pleased by his work as an Actor.

‘Kaccha Limbu’ received the National Award for best Marathi film in 2018.

Ravi is a huge support to the first time movie directors and storytellers. He provides a platform for talented newcomers by Presenting OR Producing films like ‘Rege’, Cofee Ani Barach Kahi’, and ‘& Jara Hatke’. Which were critically acclaimed and left the audience in awe. Currently he is producing a Marathi Film ‘Ananya’ directed by Pratap Phad.

Ravi has written two songs ‘Saazani’ & ‘Saavli’ in collaboration with Shekhar Ravjiani. These songs were curated to raise funds for ‘Maa Niketan’, a charitable Trust for homeless children. Music videos of ‘Saavali’ for Shekhar Ravjiani and ‘Tomorrow’s Decided’ for Vishal Dadlani are also directed by Ravi.






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  1. Natarang

    First movie, first experience. 2010 was a year of passion possessed Remarkability. This year everything was new for me. I was adjusting and adapting to Films being a new domain for me.

  2. Balgandharva

    With the increased responsibility after Natarang, I got a golden opportunity to create a movie basedon the life of an artist of immortal recognition, Balagandharva. Even though difficult, this journey had a lot of lessons to teach and happiness to offer.

  3. Balak Palak

    After Natarang and Balagandharva came Balak Palak (B.P.), a movie on appropriation of Sex Education of adolescent children, which was shot entirely in Thane. This special and fun filled shoot was a trip down memory lane. For these few days we became children and revisited our childhood days with these kids and their characters.

  4. Timepass

    Putting our faith in the principle that ‘One person’s personal experience can be relatable to million others’, we made the movie ‘Timepass’. And with this film, we 100% conquered this asset. I’ll never be able to forget those days shooting in Vaitiwadi, Thane amidst the prime of the beloved Mumbai Monsoon.

  5. Timepass 2

    I didn’t really want to work on Timepass 2 immediately after Timepass, but I had to. To shoot in the greenery laden, scenic Malvan was a very pleasant experience. The perfect planning and execution of this film’s pre-production allowed us to have limitless fun which then turned into memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  6. Mitraa

    A challenge to work on an extremely difficult, sensitive topic and a passionately hard-working team. The short film Mitraa was shot in Pune in only four days. The budget was low but our will power was very strong

  7. Banjo

    Banjo was my first Hindi language film. Accompanied by friends like Riteish Deshmukh, Vishal – Shekhar, this shooting experience was even more extraordinary and special.

  8. Nude

    Ever since my time spent at J. J. School of Arts, the idea of making a film on topic of nude models had been brewing in my mind. This dream finally became a vision in 2018. What greater privilege and happiness than to film on the grounds where I acquired all my knowledge. As challenging as filming this project was, we managed to keep aside the pressure of this challenge and maintain a comfortable and fun-loving environment while filming it. Working with a prestigious artist like Naseeruddin Shah was a rewarding experience.

  9. Rampaat

    This film is based on stories of youngsters who come to Mumbai from small villages to fulfil their hopes and dreams of working in the film industry. Some distinctive memories made during the filming of this movie will always stay close to my heart. On the last day of this shoot, it was the first time that I became emotionally overwhelmed.

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