Various icons of different fields often inspire us but seldom has it happened more than an ordinary person, who’s just like one of us, stepped out of all stereotypes to do something unimaginable. This is a story of an ordinary girl, Ananya, who possessed the potential to do something extraordinary. Being a bright student, she was always showered with praise and her confidence never seemed to cease. She was a free-living girl with a lot of ambitions planned for life. She had also got engaged to the person she saw her future with. Everything was pretty and full of sunshine until she met with an accident. Things started turning upside down within no time. Things went so south that her close ones turned their back towards her. Her dreams and ambitions were considered to be over. But she was not a quitter. What she did to overcome the obstacles became a story, which was beyond one’s wildest imagination.

Ananya will certainly lit you up with self-belief and confidence and it deserves to have a place in your must watch list.

Written and Directed by

Pratap Phad

Produced by

Dhruv Das (Dreamweaver Entertainment), Ravi Jadhav (Ravi Jadhav Films)


Samir Saptiskar


Arjun Sorte


Siddharth Tatooskar


Abhijit Deshpande

Make up

Vinod Sarode


Anuttama Nayakavdi

Production company

Dreamweaver Entertainment, Ravi Jadhav Films