Based on Marathi Noval 'Runanubandh' By shri Jaywant Dalvi

Mohan Katdare and his wife Shaila are like any other husband-wife, managing the house and taking care of their son Bacchu. Only here, Bacchu is a special kid who is mentally a child but whose physical needs are developing with his growing age. The katdares’ life is in shambles. So that either of them can be with Bacchu, Shaila works in the mornings while Mohan does a night-shift. In Shaila’s words, they are like the sun and the moon- when one rises, the other sets. In this cycle, the colour in the couple’s life is lost (this being beautifully conveyed by the black and white tone of the film) and the two forget enjoying. While Shaila’s boss Shrikant Pandit tries to bring colour back in the couple’s life, Mohan has his office-mate Venkat to share his feelings with. But the Katdares learn it the hard way that they have to accept the reality and find ways to be happy with it.

Directed by

Prasad Oak

Produced by

Mandar Devasthali

Written By

Chinmay Mandlekar


Rahul Ranade


Amalendu Chaudhari


Santosh Phutane


Jayant jathar

Make up

Sher Bahadur Singh


Divvya Gambhir

Production company

Teamwork Ultra Creations