Every woman feels vulnerable and uncomfortable when a stranger looks at her body. Even if she is fully clothed she can very well sense it when a man looks at her body with an ill intention, visualizing the contours of her nude body.

For a woman to go nude is only comfortable when she is alone, in love with someone or for her husband in the confines of their bedroom.

Yamuna lives in a small village with her husband and her 12 year old son. Her husband has abandoned them for another woman. She is now elevated to the role of the sole breadwinner. Left with no choice, she moves to Mumbai, to start afresh. She gets to live with her relative and the only job that comes her way is to be a nude model at an art school. Nudity is a taboo in most cultures, and to be nude in front of so many people is not something one will accept so readily. Like any mother, she too dreams big for her only son. She wants to see him as a successful person in life. And she is determined to do anything to fulfill her dream.

‘Nude’ is about the mental turmoil of Yamuna, who starts to think of being a nude model is not just a job; she realizes that she is an integral part of the art school, she is the one to help the students, to guide them to understand the anatomy of a female body. Fearing the society, she keeps her profession a secret. For the outside world and her family, she is just a sweeper at the Art college. To the art school students, she is their God. She is goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom, she imparts vital knowledge to them through her body.

‘Nude’ is the journey of a single mother.

Directed by

Ravi Jadhav

Produced by

Mangesh Kulkarni ( Zee Studios ), Meghana Jadhav ( Athaansh Communications )

Written By

Sachin Kundalkar, Ravi Jadhav


Cyli Khare


Amalendu Chaudhari


Santosh Phutane


Abhijit Deshpande

Make up

Santosh Gayke


Meghana Jadhav

Production company

Zee Studios, Athaansh Communications