Dagdu does very 80s Bollywood love-storyish things like following Prajakta, singing in the rain and then jamaoing impression before her with filmy monologues etc. Love blooms between the two as Dagdu helps the repressed Praju (whose name he cannot even pronounce) find herself through song and dance. But what happens when the two lovebirds fly into reality? What happens when love stops being just TP and consumes you completely? If you look to TP to answer those questions, you’ll have to wait. The film ends with a hook, suggesting a sequel.

Timepass was a huge financial success and a milestone in Marathi film industry and an all-time blockbuster. 

Directed by

Ravi Jadhav

Produced by

Nikhil Sane (Zee Talkies)
Meghana Jadhav ( Athaansh Communications )

Written By

Priyadarshan Jadhav, Ravi Jadhav


Chinar Mahesh


Vasudeo Rane


Santosh Phutane


Jayant Jathar


Meghana Jadhav

Make up

Rupesh B Bhatkar

Production company

Zee Talkies, Athaansh Communications